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      ‘NEW WORLD FROM THE ASHES’: Violent protests kick off around America

      Hours after Joe Biden’s inauguration, protests are kicking off around the nation — with some demonstrators calling for revenge.

      Disturbing Byron video sparks outrage

      A disturbing video shows police taking a baby from a topless breastfeeding mother has caused outrage in the Byron Bay community.

      Trump’s finances in serious trouble

      Donald Trump has stepped from the grounds of the White House into a “minefield” worsened by his baseless claims of election fraud.

      Magistrate slams woman’s court attire

      A woman has fired back at a magistrate who took issue with her very casual court attire, telling a court “it’s 35 degrees outside”.

      Lotto winner reveals bizarre bum tattoos

      A 25-year-old who has undergone a huge body transformation since winning millions has revealed her eight, weird bum tattoos.

      Internet ablaze over Biden picture

      Since Joe Biden’s inauguration in the United States, social media has been inundated with images of a strapping young Commander in Chief.


      Hint at what Trump’s letter to Biden said

      live Joe Biden has been tight-lipped about the "generous" letter left by Donald Trump. But there are some clues as to what it might be in it.

      Mum discovers intruder living in roof

      A woman from Queensland was left in a state of panic after she discovered a stranger had been living in her roof and moving things in her home.


      Salim’s phone taps from prison revealed

      Police phone taps of Salim Mehajer’s conversations from jail before he was charged with breaching his ex’s AVO have been detailed in court.


      Australia Day home gatherings capped at 5

      live NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has confirmed strict household gathering restrictions for Sydney will not change before January 26.

      Outcast Trump family’s desperate moves

      They thought they had four more years in the White House in the bag – but what’s next for Ivanka, Don Jr and Eric now their father has been booted?

      ‘He cheated while I was in labour’?

      Between her contractions, Amy’s husband ‘left to get some food’. Then his phone started pinging and revealed the entire sordid?truth.?

      Replaced Qantas workers ‘distraught’

      Qantas’ ground workers are ‘distraught’ over the outsourcing of their jobs as the airline finalises contracts with new suppliers this week.

      Teen’s post after Macca’s twerk frenzy

      A teen joked on Facebook after being charged over a twerking frenzy at a Queensland McDonald’s which included her grabbing a mop.

      Qld woman stunned by pooping man

      ‘I don’t think this is his first public poop’: A woman’s morning coffee was interrupted by a stranger doing a number two in her neighbour’s yard.


      Gladys office scandal referred to ICAC

      A report into Gladys Berejiklian’s office has been referred to ICAC in a new headache for the Premier related to the grants scandal.


      Murder charge after brother found in fire

      A man has been charged with murdering his own brother after firefighters discovered a body in a Perth house that was ablaze this week.

      Aussie player’s epic quarantine roast

      In the space of just 30 seconds, Australian tennis player Ellen Perez has brutally burned almost every whiner inside hotel quarantine.

      Barty mask drama ‘an innocent mistake’

      Aussie World No. 1 Ash Barty has been spotted shopping without a mask in Victoria after clipping whinging tennis stars in quarantine.

      New rules for flights kick in tomorrow

      New requirements for Aussies on international flights will come into effect tomorrow as the country tries to head-off a new strain of COVID-19.


      School testing site shut as 0 cases recorded

      A Sydney public school repurposed as a pop-up testing clinic has undergone a deep clean ahead of the start of the school year.

      ‘Absolutely terrible’: $305m trio’s flop

      The NBA’s newest super team has been handed a bitter reality check on their first night out as the league was reminded of their big issue.

      Melania abandons Trump on tarmac

      Just seconds after stepping off Air Force One and into their new lives in Florida, the former First Lady left her husband to face the cameras alone.


      Katy Perry's epic performance stuns

      Katy Perry has rounded out the evening inauguration special with her classic 'Firework', featuring actual fireworks.

      ‘I’ll fire you on the spot’: Biden’s warning

      Joe Biden issued a stark warning while swearing in his Cabinet, vowing to fire members “on the spot” if they ever disrespect a colleague.

      Sad picture shows Trump fan’s heartbreak

      A Trump fan who made a special journey to fight against the inauguration of the new president was devastated by what he saw when he arrived.

      Unexpected response to Trump exit

      Troops patrolling the streets. Barricades blocking off the city. And yet, US correspondent Sam Clench found the D.C. mood oddly comforting.


      The Rock may lose $2m on horse farm

      The highest-paid actor in Hollywood, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, is ditching his multimillion-dollar equestrian estate, and may take a sizeable loss in the deal.


      Danger suburbs for unit sellers revealed

      Property prices soared in much of this city in 2020 but it was a different story in some suburbs where units changed hands for less than what vendors paid for them.


      $1m time warp hasn’t changed in 70 years

      The world has changed greatly in the past 70 years, except for this property that’s come to market, complete with original fireplaces, a cooker and a pink toilet.


      Chinese billionaire’s mansion may set record

      A Chinese billionaire who began the Surfers Paradise Jewel project has put his Gold Coast mansion up for sale for what could be a record-breaking price.


      Get ‘dinosaur country’ tree change for $450k

      Keen to escape city? The ‘ultimate tree change’ has hit the market, complete with 26 units and a price tag cheaper than a standard house in the suburbs.


      RBA says house prices may rise 30%

      Heightened borrower confidence in record low interest rates could push property prices sky-high, according to analysis by the Reserve Bank of Australia.

      One thing ruining your sex life

      It’s something we all do but scientists have revealed this everyday act could be the reason why we’re having a lot less sex.

      One thing that makes all women cry

      The dating game can be savage at the best of times but there’s one thing that if women hear they will no doubt end up in tears.

      ‘Tired’ student tragically dies taking nap

      A “tired” 22-year-old student juggling part-time work with her studies who died suddenly in her sleep has been described as someone “hard to forget”.

      Date’s jaw-dropping ‘pre-screening policy’

      A woman who had a date with a guy she met on Hinge has shared the X-rated demand he made before meeting “to know what I’m getting into”.

      Groom’s ‘aggressive’ wedding act slammed

      A bride has defended her husband after a video of his wedding “prank” went viral, causing concern as many believe it’s a “red flag”.